由于人类的日常生活越来越依赖于重金属,我假设通过自然选择人类将来会进化出一种净化身体重金属元素的方法,而不是患上疾病。 Miracle Orebody是一家成立于 39 世纪的新技术公司,交易来自“矿体”(矿石生长的身体)的矿石,我为 Miracle Orebody 设计了视觉标识。
Miracle Orebody

Since human daily life has became more and more dependent on heavy metals, I assumed through the natural selection humans will evolve a way to purify heavy metal elements of bodies in the future instead of suffering from diseases. And Miracle Orebody is a new technology company established in the 39th century trades the ores from " the orebody " (the body that the ore grow up in ). I designed the visual identity for Miracle Orebody.

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