本项目试图通过将面包加工机的运作与能源数据联系起来,突出在地缘政治冲突中受到影响和忽视的脆弱生计。通过模拟和抽象关键的面包加工过程,并重新分析由 Investigate Europe 制作的内容和数据。然而,因为这种基本的必需品的易获性,导致大众往往会轻视其背后的关系网,包括原材料的生产、能源供应和国际政治关系的复杂性。

通过重新处理面包的数据,Bread Manifesto为面包的文化和社会意义提供了一个独特的视角,将其从一个营养或物质需求的象征转变为一个具有深刻意义的标志。通过强调面包生产和能源政治的交叉点,该项目为面包制作业面临的问题以及能源危机对公众生计的更广泛影响提供了有力的评论。

with: Lokyin Pang, Hanqi Li, Chuan Liu, Tiemu Zheng
Bread Manifesto

Rising energy prices due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict are posing a serious existential threat to some bakeries in Europe. Food costs have soared by nearly 16% in the EU and over 14% in the UK, while energy prices have shot up by about 40%. To draw attention to the seriousness of the situation, some bakery operators have taken to turning off the lights and opening for business in a silent protest against rising energy costs.

The "Bread Manifesto" project attempts to highlight the vulnerable livelihoods that have been affected and neglected in the geopolitical conflict by linking the operation of bread processing machines to energy data. By simulating and abstracting key bread processing processes and re-analyzing content and metadata produced by Investigate Europe. However, the easy accessibility of this basic necessity leads the public to tend to downplay the web of relationships behind it, including the production of raw materials, energy supplies and the complexity of international political relations.

This project offers a unique perspective on the cultural and social significance of bread, transforming it from a symbol of nutritional or material need to a sign with a profound meaning of its own. By highlighting the intersection of bread production and energy politics, the project provides a powerful commentary on the issues facing the bread-making industry and the broader impact of the energy crisis on public livelihoods.

with: Lokyin Pang, Hanqi Li, Chuan Liu, Tiemu Zheng

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